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Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine and Suction Tool - Clinical Micro Dermabrasion Kit for Tone Firm Skin, Advanced Home Facial Treatment System & Exfoliator For Bright Clear Skin

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as of May 13, 2022 3:31 am


  • ❤️ “THIS SYSTEM HAS TAKEN 10 YEARS OFF MY FACE!” Did you know that over 184,542 happy customers have used our patented Microderm GLO at-home system? Get ready to experience your healthiest skin ever! DERMATOLOGIST RECOMMENDED - LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • GET GORGEOUS SKIN WITHOUT PHOTO FILTERS… Do you want to take stunning selfies, without having to use filters to make your skin look perfect? It’s never been easier to get model-worthy skin. Just use your Microderm GLO Microdermabrasion Machine once a week to see and feel the diamond difference!
  • ❤️ EXPERIENCE CLINICALLY-PROVEN RESULTS— If you are looking for smaller pores, improved skin radiance, more tone, and softer skin, then you are ready for the beautiful spa results of our Microderm GLO System.
  • BE SAFE— GET MICRODERM GLO! Microderm GLO is the only at-home microdermabrasion system that has a patented Diamond Safe 3D suction technology to make sure you don’t cut your face! Plus, it’s safe and gentle enough for all skin types— including sensitive skin!
  • ❤️ ENJOY OUR “SOFTER SKIN IN 4 MINUTES” GUARANTEE— Did you know you can do a Microderm GLO treatment in 4 minutes to reveal your softest skin? If you’re not completely satisfied with your results, we will offer you a full refund. You can click the yellow “Add to Cart” button today with total confidence in your future skin!

NEWDERMO Body Microdermabrasion Exfoliator Machine - Professional Suction Body Diamond Dermabrasion Device with 2 Large Diamond Suction Tip - Advanced Home Body Treatment Tool

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as of May 13, 2022 3:31 am


  • ✔️Deep Clean & Glow Skin: Professional diamond exfoliating tool activates blood circulation and promote skin rejuvenation.
  • ✔️Effective Skin Care Tool: The body exfoliator comes with the standard diamond head which can effectively exfoliate layers of dead skin and impurities from the body's surface, such as back, hands, legs, belly and etc. Not only that, it can easily dermabrasion skin areas with thicker stratum corneum, such as elbow joints, knees, heels, and soles of feet.
  • ✔️Safe for all Skin Types: The medical grade diamond tip s not easy to cause allergies; In addition, our exfoliating machine is designed with 3 levels of suction for all types of skin - normal, dry, sensitive, combination, oily skin. Low, medium and high level meet the needs of different parts of skin. Note: It is only suitable for body. ⭕⭕Do not use on face!⭕⭕
  • ✔️Handheld SPA Equipment: The personal body microdermabrasion machine comes with one replacement heads, extra filters and accessories. The filter disc absorbs impurities and can be replaced at any time, which is convenient to use. It is designed with handheld size, which is very portable for travel , and help you enjoy the skin "SPA" anywhere.
  • ✔️After-Sales Service: If there is a quality issue, we promise a 30-day free return service. And we provide a 1-year warranty service. Also, if you need assistance, replacement parts, or have any question, we can help. NEWDERMO has a dedicated team of Happiness Specialists that can quickly assist you.

Professional Diamond Dermabrasion Microdermabrasion Machine Facial Skin Care Device Equipment (Suction Power: 0-68cmHg) w/ 350 Pcs Cotton filters

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as of May 13, 2022 3:31 am


  • ✬〖What is Diamond Machine〗This device procedure removes skin debris, scars, blemishes, wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation of the skin.
  • ✬〖Function〗It provides a Non-Surgical skin resurfacing procedure by using sterile diamond heads to peel. And rub off the dead cells at the top skin layer followed by vacuuming/suction removing particles along with any dirt and dead skin.
  • ✬〖Do does not use in this areas〗1. Sensitive Skin; 2. Skin Rash; 3. Damaged, Inflamed, or Infected Skin; 4. Surgical scar less than 12 months old; 5. Skin Swollen; 6. The probes can not point to Eyeball; 7. Genitals.
  • ✬〖Warm Note〗 1. This device is for personal home use, the suction power range is 0-68cmHg. 2. Please start from the lowerest setting, then enhance the vacuum bit by bit. 3. Any parts or accessories missing, please contact the seller the first time for a solution. New ones will be shipped out very soon.
  • ✬〖100% Satisfaction Guarantee〗If you have some questions when using, please feel free to contact us first. We have been pursuing the greatest customer satisfaction. Thanks!

Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine Professional Dermabrasion Facial Peeling Device with Suction Power: 65-68 cmhg for Facial Skin Cleansing Face Lifting Exfoliating Home Use Device

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as of May 13, 2022 3:31 am


  • DIAMOND DERMABRASION - It removes dirt from pores by using sterile diamond heads, effectively improves skin sagging, and allows your skin care products to penetrate deeper, giving you a better, longer-lasting effect. Upgraded Maximum suction: 65-68 cmHg.
  • DETACHABLE & REPLACEMENT DIAMOND HEAD - Comes with 3 kinds of diamond wand and 9 different diamond tips.The diamond tips can be used in different needs and different parts of face or body. Depending on your skin's thickness, choose the appropriate diamond tip.
  • DO NOT USE ON THESE AREAS: 1. Sensitive Skin; 2. Skin Rash; 3. Damaged, Inflamed, or Infected Skin; 4. Scar less than 12 months; 5. Skin Swollen; 6. The probes can not point to Eye ball.
  • EASY TO USE - Easy for handle, portable, suitable for home use or use on your clients. The dermabrasion machine come with a instruction, it is easy to operate and convenient to use in your home or spa. It is recommended to use once every 1-2 weeks.
  • BEST SERVICE - We provide 12 months warranty for diamond microdermabrasion machine, and promise 30 DAYS FULL REFUND If it has any quality issue. If you have any further questions on our item or service, please feel free to contact us.

Diamond Dermabrasion Microdermabrasion Machine, TopDirect Facial Skin Care Beauty Device with Spray Gun Home Use Equipment (Strong Suction Power: 0-68cmHg)

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as of May 13, 2022 3:31 am


  • ❀【 Treatment】This procedure removes skin debris, scars, blemishes, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation of the skin.It provides a Non-Surgical skin resurfacing procedure by using sterile diamond heads to peel. And rub off the dead cells at the top skin layer followed by vacuuming/suction removing particles along with any dirt and dead skin. This machine also has Spray function.
  • ❀【Diamond Heads】Comes with 9 shaped diamond head of different functions,It provides a non-surgical skin refinish procedure by using sterile diamond heads to rub off the skin layer and vacuum out the particles, dead skin and dirt.
  • ❀【Spray Gun】Calming down the skin after treatment , It helps Moisturizing and closing pores, strengthening the skin's respiratory function, promoting skin metabolism.
  • ❀【Suction power】Max suction power range is 65-68cmHg. Suction power is NOT as strong as the machines at the beauty salon. The device is designed for personal home use.
  • ❀【Warm Note】Do not use on these areas: 1. Sensitive Skin; 2. Skin Rash; 3. Damaged, Inflamed, or Infected Skin; 4. Surgical scar less than 12 months old; 5. Skin Swollen; 6. The probes can not point to Eye ball; 7. Genitals.

Sextupole Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine 6 in 1 Hydra-Facial Machine Hydra Dermabrasion Machine Multifunctional Skin Care Device

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as of May 13, 2022 3:31 am


  • 【Multifuntional】Sextupole Hydro Facial Machine is a 6 in 1 facial beauty machine. It helps whiten and firm the skin, enhance skin elasticity, and bring you healthy, radiant new skin.
  • 【Deeply Skin Cleaning】This skin care tool helps to clean the dirt on the face, and keep the pores clean. Keep your skin youthful.
  • 【Oxygen Sprayer】Using strong pressure of oxygen and water, molecular particles smaller than 80 microns are applied to the skin as a spray stream, which quickly penetrates the active water molecules and pure oxygen into the deep layers of the skin, accelerating the absorption of skin nutrients.
  • 【Easy to Use】You can adjust the time, function mode and energy intensity according to your need. And it is safe and does not cause any side effects.
  • 【Best Service】If the hydra dermabrasion facial machine has any quality problems, we provide free return and refund within 30 days and provide a one-year warranty. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. (24H online service expect weekend)

Upgraded Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine, Mcwdoit 65-68cmHg Suction Power Professional Dermabrasion for Skin Peeling Rejuvenation Lifting Tightening Beauty Device

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as of May 13, 2022 3:31 am


  • 【Diamond Facial Machine】With 9 diamond heads, it can be applied to your face, neck, belly and chest.
  • 【Upgraded Version】Maximum suction: 65-68 cmHg. The internal structure of the machine is upgraded to extend the service life.
  • 【Functions】Remove dead skin, acne, scars, blackhead and pigmentation ; Lifts wrinkles and tightens skin.
  • 【Prohibited Areas】1. Sensitive skin; 2. Skin rash; 3. Damaged, inflamed, or infected skin; 4. Surgical scar less than 12 months old; 5. Skin swollen; 6. The probes can not point to eye ball.
  • 【Warranty】This product comes with a full 1-year manufacturer's warranty and a 30-day return policy. So get the diamond machine and try it out! If for some reason you are not satisfied, then contact us and let us know. We will give you a satisfactory answer. Thank you!

Such Skin Radiante - at-Home Microdermabrasion Machine Professional - Diamond Exfoliating Tips - Facial Tool - Dermabrasion Device with Vacuum Pore Suction for Fresh and Radiant Skin

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as of May 13, 2022 3:31 am


  • PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE AT HOME: Microdermabrasion facial scrub has been proven to be effective by dermatologists everywhere! Diamond microdermabrasion machine treatment is a safe, effective, and gentle skincare method that will leave your skin looking radiant. Our microdermabrasion facial tools will remove the surface layer of dead cells on your skin to reveal a more youthful complexion. Skin scrubber prevents breakouts and removes excess oil on your face's surface layer.
  • HEALTHY GLOWING SKIN IN JUST 5 MINUTES A WEEK: It only takes 5 minutes of weekly use to get fantastic benefits with our skin tightening machine. Microdermabrasion tool used to improve the overall tone, texture, and health of your skin. This diamond microdermabrasion face exfoliator tool stimulates natural metabolic processes to help your skin cells rejuvenate. Our diamond microdermabrasion blackhead removal device will provide you with visible results starting on day one!
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Our facial machine is designed to give you the perfect touch of elegance. The shape of the blackhead remover tool fits in your hand comfortably, with a sleek look that will never go out of style! The dermabrasion facial machine is a beauty product that not only makes you look good but feels great to use. Our derma wand is easy to use, with just one button and 4 LED indicators. You can adjust the power level based on your needs for an effective cleanse!
  • PRECISE ENGINEERING: This microdermabrasion suction machine is an ingenious invention from Japanese engineers that will not only clean your skin but also nourish it with its safe and effective exfoliation. Blackhead pore remover tool is made of a smooth, but durable high-quality plastic, that will last for years without cracking or discoloration! In our personal microdermabrasion tool, we use the highest-quality diamond tips which will leave your skin feeling smoother than ever before!
  • CORDLESS DIAMOND MICRODERMABRASION DEVICE: Our cordless microdermabrasion machine professional tool is the perfect solution for busy women on the go. No need to worry about tangled cables or extension cords, because this rechargeable microdermabrasion scrub device can be charged wirelessly! Microdermabrasion face suction pore cleanser lasts up to 2 hours of use before needing another charge, meaning you'll never have an excuse not to get your skincare session again!

Microdermabrasion Machine, Professional Facial Vacuum Pore Cleaner, Diamond Dermabrasion Device Anti Aging Blackhead Remover Kit with 5 Multifunction Tips - 100Pcs Filters - 1Pc Storage Bag

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as of May 13, 2022 3:31 am


  • 【Safe and Effective】Our microdermabrasion facial machine is made of reliable ABS material, containing 150,000 mineral microcrystalline diamond particles, which effectively stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin under the skin. Only a fraction of the price, you can professional spa-quality skin results in the comfort of your home.
  • 【Dermatologist Recommended】Dermatologist recommended at-home microdermabrasion system that uses medical-grade with 5 shaped diamond head of different functions, over 5000+ user tests, improve acne skin, blackhead remover, coarse pore, rough skin or other blemishes and facial skin problems, and promote your skin's natural radiance and youthful firmness! And enhance the absorption of skincare products by up to 60%.
  • 【 For All Skin Types】 The microdermabrasion device is for all types of skin. And with a special probe for sensitive skin that has passed a professional sensitivity test to ensure that sensitive skin can be used safely. Microdermabrasion wand that helps deep clean, unclog, visibly your pores, reducing pigmentation and smoother skin tone, reducing mild acne scarring, fading fine lines and wrinkles, etc.
  • 【4 Levels of Suction Level】 Microdermabrasion system has adjustable 4 suction levels vacuum, and guided by the vacuum-sealed internal suction system auto-mode, and a 4 minute guided treatment for each zone of your face (cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, eye area, and neck) to activate the blood circulation of the skin and make the skin more elastic.
  • 【What You Get】Portable microdermabrasion main machine, 100 pcs replaceable microdermabrasion filters, charging base, 4 microcrystalline heads, 1 transparent head,1 USB cable, and 1 storage bag. It's a perfect gift for both men and women because it’s compact, portable, and practical. If you have any questions in the process of using the microdermabrasion kit, please contact us.

Meifuly Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine, 65-68cmHg Suction Power Professional Dermabrasion Beauty Device

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as of May 13, 2022 3:31 am


  • 【Upgraded】Upgraded Maximum suction: 65-68 cmHg and With 9 diamond heads. Fully meet your needs.
  • 【Diamond Dermabrasion】Remove dead-skin, a_cne, s_cars, black_head and pig_mentation, Lifts_wrinkles and tightens_skin. Great for home and institutional use.
  • 【Note】Please read the manual carefully before use, thank you!
  • 【Technical Strength】We are a company with R&D, design and production capabilities, and it is our honor to serve you.
  • 【Meifuly Sincere Service】 Any problems or after sales about our products, please contact us. We have a professional product after-sales engineer team. We will try our best to solve problem for you.