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With a Hammer. In the Face.

Posted on May 06, 2014 by Alisha

Disclaimer: I am on painkillers and a little sleep deprived right now. Sorry if I don't make sense, but I have a very narrow window to get some things out.


I've not recovered from the last time I paid someone to go at my jaw with a pry-bar, and in 5 hours I'll be back at it. So very excited. This time I'm getting Haldol or something crazy so that I'm not a blubbering mess in the office, since actual sedation isn't covered by insurance and I can't toss around $300 bills every single time someone takes a stab at the general mess my jaw and mouth are. Never had haldol before. Looking forward to it. (oh, my poor, poor husband)

However, the pain after surgery on the 28th was actually less than the pain has been the last two months, so that's an improvement. And this time I got LOTS of drugs. No work done because I couldn't see straight, and I still have a shooting pain whenever I speak, chew, or close my mouth, but that's so much better than before. 

I didn't find out until yesterday that I'm getting hit with another, smaller hammer today. I'm only mostly-off pain meds right now, so because I'm losing all of Tuesday night, I pulled an all-nighter here at the studio. It is 8:06 AM, and I've been here for about 17 of the last 24 hours, broken up here and there by things like getting my kids to and from school, putting the baby to bed and a 3 hour nap, but then I returned here around 1:30 AM and will be here until noon.

All the yarn is in Minnesota and will be there until somewhere around the 25th of May. I am headed to Shepherd's Harvest in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, on the 14th of May and will return to Texas on the 19th of May. The yarn will take about a week to arrive after it is shipped back here. 

I have about 400 skeins of yarn to dye in advance of the last three shows (Shepherd's Harvest, Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta, and Iowa Sheep and Wool) I'm doing before taking a few weeks off. Lately I've been home for 5-12 days before turning right back around and getting to another show. It has not been easy. I cried every night in Atlanta during Stitches South. I cried on the way to and from Atlanta, too, come to think of it. Yarnover in Minnesota was WONDERFUL, but the jaw was horrible, so I cried up there, too. DFW Fiber Fest was amazing, except that I brought Violet, who was a holy terror on the show floor, so I ended up working that alone while my mom took care of the babe. It was really busy and I practically collapsed each day, but then Violet kept me up until 4 AM most nights. If it weren't for the volunteers at the show, I think I would have experienced a slight mental break. 

If you ordered yarn at DFW Fiber Fest, it is ready. I'm working on adding the special orders to the website and sending out emails. I thought I'd be able to do it today, but we'll see if I make it by my deadline today. It MIGHT be possible, but I am kind of counting on eating breakfast, so that might put me behind.

I'm going to get into my email today, hell or high water, before the face-smashing at 1:00. The email will be taken away from me AGAIN just before this procedure, so other things will have to wait, but not too long I don't think. Today's smashing is low impact, I hear. 

If you STILL haven't gotten a pattern from me, email me, ok? I know the hat, cowl, and mitten patterns have gone out multiple times to some people, and I know they have escaped my ipad/laptop because I've been answering questions about them and helping pick colors, but I have no idea what the malfunction is with some sendings. My new theory is that sending the patterns over public wifi has like a 50-50 chance of working, depending on the location. But I just don't know.  One of the things I did over Easter and while I was a solo parent before Yarnover was take and edit a bunch of new photos of all the items. So now the mitten and hat patterns don't have a resentful tween on the cover, and the cowl isn't just draped over a freaking trailer. Ugh. Instead it is my ridiculously cute little sister who, in these photos, reminds me so so much of a Super-Blonde Aubrey Plaza (April from Parks and Rec).


As we all know, when the kids are sick, I'm traveling across the country, my husband is off in New Jersey, or I'm having jaw surgery, little elves creep into my office and dye all the yarn, ship the packages, answer the email, bathe the kids, cook dinner, walk the dogs, paint the house, clean the bathrooms, and let me rest on the couch with a glass of wine and a good novel. On their way otu, the elves even mop the floor so that I'm all caught up all the time and well-rested and showered and everything is lovely and clean and done. It doesn't even matter that EVERYTHING having to do with this business is done by me and no other person, because I have the elves. When I'm a solo parent to two sick children? The elves take care of it. When I'm doped up on Norco and crying? Elves. Driving across the country alone to a show where I won't sell enough to cover my expenses? Elves make it all better AND they're free and they have never caused a chemical explosion (like my interns) or shipped the wrong package to the wrong person (like someone who may or may not be my husband) or with the wrong postage.

Y'all, when I am a solo parent, when the kids are sick, when I'm sick, when I have procedures, when the chronic pain thing is really bad, or when I'm traveling, things get slow around here. All of that happened this month between 1 and 4 times. April was rough on me. I signed up for it, but holy crap, I didn't expect half of the things that came at us. So I'm getting there. But it is just me. I do a lot. I do what I can. And sometimes I'm slower than I want to be, or the yarn you ordered has already shipped to the next show, or I've already gotten to the airport when you finally make up your mind on the yarn you wanted me to ship from my hotel room, or something. We all do what we can, when we can, right? 

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Quickly, Quickly.

Posted on April 03, 2014 by Alisha

I just wrote what I thought was an adorable blog post about how I pulled an all-nighter at the studio, but then I hit backspace in the wrong place and now who knows what happened to it.


Bottom line: I've got a lot of yarn coming, I'm spending most of the next 4 days dyeing, drying, twisting, labeling, and packing. If you want something dyed in whatever colorway, order it now because all of the incoming stuff will be dyed by Friday night. Blah blah blah Stitches South, in-laws, Yarnover, jaw surgery, mawata hands, yarn. 

My husband will wake in 14 minutes so I have to sneak into bed like I've been there since 2 AM like a reasonable person. Or something.

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Back from DFW Fiber Fest. Woah.

Posted on March 30, 2014 by Alisha
I did the best I could, but now I've accepted the fact that the next time Vivi comes to a show with me will be when she is old enough to be both a chauffeur and a packmule. 

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Dribs, Drabs, Drops

Posted on March 08, 2014 by Alisha

I think I'm mostly recovered from Stitches West and the husband's business trip that overlapped with and extended another week. Solo parenting while exhausted and with a pile of work to get done can be trying, but things are getting back to normal, which is great, because Spring Break started on Friday. 


I'm in the studio dyeing and organizing today, only a bit behind schedule due to the rain. I've got the dyepots going on high and I'm finally updating the yarn quantites on the website. Descent, Pulchritude, Stable, Bevy, and Marmalade are updated to reflect current quantities available or scheduled to be dyed this weekend. I'll plug away at Richness, Panoply, and Tracks tonight and tomorrow. I've cleared 4 boxes and only have another 4 to do, so this is progress.


I'll be out of pocket during the Hill Country Spinning Retreat, March 17-23. I won't be gone the whole time, as my normal childcare is unavailable, but I will be gone for two nights during that time, most likely Tuesday through Thursday, which is the 18-20. I'm bringing lots of my yarn, all of my fiber, and a few other treats, so any orders after the 18th will be delayed and the quantities on the website may not be accurate. The retreat is held in Hunt, Texas, and we get no phone, 3G, 4G, or internet at the guesthouse.


Edited to add at 8:30: Everything but Tracks of Bison Fingering is updated now. I am hungry, thirsty, sore, cold, and wet, and I'm headed home.  

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Diamonds Go Around Infinity Scarf E Mailing Complete

Posted on March 01, 2014 by Alisha

The first version of the infinity scarf pattern are sent. My model canceled again, so instead of waiting another few days, I took model-less photographs at the industrial park today. Should I ever get this infinity scarf around the neck of a photogenic person, I will send out another version of the pattern to the Infinity Scarf mailing list. 


If you preordered the pattern and have not received it, drop me a line from the email you used to order it and I'll resend it. I did not get any delivery failure notices, so I was at least close enough to get the pattern to someone resembling everyone's emails. 


The pattern will hopefully be on Ravelry this week. I'm not entirely sure what needs to be done to get it on there, but it can't be that hard, right? Right. Riiiiiiiiiiight.


Cowl and Mitten patterns will be another week or so. The husband got home from his business trip yesterday, so things have improved, but I'm not there yet. 

I'll be working on updating the shop and trying to fulfill supplemental orders for those of you who need extra yarn above what you bought at Stitches West. 


And then I'll be off to the Hill Country Spinning Retreat with Judith Mackenzie! Woohoo!

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